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Village 60 Plus -The most trusted and the best elderly care!

Old age is a fragile and sensitive period in life where elderly people need extra care and comfort. When the elderly in our care are prone to accidents would you know how to handle the situation? Are you aware of the resources available in Colombo to take care of the elderly? As our parents, or relatives or those, we give care to; they require more and more help because they lose their natural ability to take care of themselves and most times growing old presents its own challenges.

Discussing assistance to ageing loved ones is not always simple. Maybe you’ve noticed that your mother, who was once meticulous about her appearance, is wearing wrinkled clothes and not doing her hair. Perhaps there are bruises or constant falls and when addressed, their instant response is, “Everything is fine, there’s no need to worry.” Admitting they need help would mean they can no longer take care of themselves, and no one wants to lose their independence. Admitting they need help and accepting assistance is not easy for people as they age. The burden often falls on the family to recognize the signs that an ageing parent might need help with daily living tasks.

When is it right to offer help to your elderly loved ones? There will always be a few telltale signs you can pick up: spoiled food that doesn’t get thrown away, unexplained bruising, forgetting appointments, difficulties in mobility, difficulty getting up from a seated position, difficulty in walking and balance, forgetfulness, strong smell of urine in the house, confusion in performing familiar tasks, a notable difference in grooming habits and personal care, extreme clutter and dirty laundry and dishes piling up, poor diet or weight loss, loss of interest in hobbies and activities, changes in mood or extreme mood swings, forgetting to take medications, or taking incorrect dosages.

If you are living away from your elderly folks or are unable to take care of them any longer and you are considering placing your parents in care facilities and retirement homes, the most trusted and the best in town is ‘Village 60 Plus.’ They provide day care facilities such as short term, long term, residential care and lifetime residential care. They also have facilities for foreigners on holiday, Winter or for medical treatment. The home undertakes to care for residents suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, patients who are bed-ridden, require nasal feeding, PEG feeding or with urinary catheters. Care is also undertaken for residents who are deaf, blind, amputees and paralyzed patients.

Founder, Chairman of Village 60 Plus, Dr. Harishchandra Yakandawala spoke to the Health and Fitness Supplement, Daily News. He said that there is several branches of Village 60 Plus in Colombo located at Frankfurt Place, Bambalapitiya, High-Level Road, Kirulapone, Park Road, Edmonton Road, Railway Avenue, Colombo 5 and in Jambugasmulla Road, Nugegoda. “All the above homes are with neatly laid gardens and spacious rooms with all necessary facilities. Village 60 Plus offers a wide range of services and facilities for the clients to select from, according to their requirement and abilities,” he said.

“We have also opened a Retirement Village in Homagama, Katuwana recently. The payment for the retirement home depends on the age and the health issues related to the elderly. You can get amazing discounts by paying upfront. We help to attend matters relating to the funeral, legal and property. We also have a centre where we provide elderly care accessories such as wheelchairs for reasonable prices. We have sharing, single and luxury rooms,” says Dr. Yakandawala.

Village 60 Plus follows principals such as Encouraging Independence, Enabling Choice, Preserving Dignity, and Celebrating Individuality, Nurturing the Spirit and Involving Family and Friends. As a result of this, every resident at Village 60 Plus enjoy the highest possible quality of life that their age and condition can allow.

“At Village 60 Plus we pride ourselves in treating all our residents as individuals. We listen to their comments and wishes about the running of the care home, as we recognize that it is their home. Throughout Village 60 plus there is a true passion to deliver the best for our residents. This is not only reflected in our Vision, Mission and Values but through the actions of our staff on a daily basis,” adds Dr. Yakandawala.

Village 60 Plus has very comfortable rooms with all facilities including hot water, Air conditioning or a fan; All three meals with different menus; Tea and snacks; Total care including bathing, washing, feeding, assistance in moving due to health conditions; Laundry facilities; Internet facilities; Free medical services on a daily basis; Attending to emergencies, Hospitalization, Organizing events, Religious activities and Funeral arrangements on request.

Village 60 Plus enhances the independence of its residents, promoting the feeling that they are in their own residences. They are now free sans any obligations and need to enjoy their retirement. All services are provided and most often, they feel that they are more free than living in their own homes! The Institution preserves their dignity, which is of utmost importance.

According to Dr. Yakandawala, most of the children of these residents are domiciled abroad, but thanks to the high-tech facilities, especially the mobile phones, they do not feel the physical distance between their children and them. “Close relationships with their families and friends too are very significant. With the comfortable and spacious residencies of the Village 60 Plus, those visiting the residents feel as if they are walking into the very residences of their relatives or friends,” he adds.

The well trained and experienced staff at the Village 60 Plus is capable of taking care of any health and physical condition and they provide their services with the best care solutions for any person in any condition. There are no specific categories for the residents. There are retirees who are still employed and looking after their own work. The residents are in varying health conditions, except those with serious mental illnesses. All these patients are cared for well, under the supervision of qualified and experienced doctors and a health team.

You may have several daily needs which you cannot attend to alone such as visiting the bank, collecting your pension, visiting relations, attending a funeral, travelling abroad, performing a meritorious deed and throwing a party. The trustworthy staff at Village 60 Plus will assist you to the best.

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